Saar Rombout

Saar Rombout was born on April 5th in 1989 in Amsterdam.
At the age of 6, she joined Circus Elleboog, a youth circus school in Amsterdam. She was also part of their performance group for 3 years.

Saar graduated in July 2012 from ACaPA, the Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, the Netherlands. This is a very all-round school; besides intensive daily training in circus, students take courses in dance, theatre, performance art and more theoretical courses like anatomy, dramaturgy and rigging. Twice a year the students perform their personal project, in which the different aspects of creating an act come together: performance, lights, costume design, etc. Besides performing, Saar also does rigging and the design and sewing of costumes and getre.

At ACaPA Saar completed a minor is space design and staging (Ruimte en Enscenering), to learn more about the use of space and performing on location.
Furthermore Saar was involved in organisational aspects of the school, as she joined the course committee as well as the participation council. Before studying at ACaPA Saar was a volunteering at Circus Elleboog.

Saar participated with Camera Boreal to make the first documentary about modern circus called “Grazing the Sky” directed by Horacio Alcala. This is a documentary about eight different circus artists and Saar is one of them.

Saar mostly works solo in the triple cloudswing, but she also created collaborative creation of dance, vertical dance and triple cloudswing, with Maartje Fijen and Jolien Michielsen for the L’Avventura evenings. This production is called “A room full of empty words”. She also created a piece called Maartje MET Saar, look at videos to see the trailers.

In 2013 Saar reached the semi finals of Holland’s got Talent, a Dutch television talent show.

From February until June 2015 Saar is doing a theatre tour with Ellen ten Damme with the show “Thuis bij Ellen”. There she performs with shadow play in the triple cloudswing, flying and tight rope and works as a rigger.