Triple Cloudswing

Triple cloudswing is a new and rather uncommon technique in circus. The apparatus consists from 3 U-shaped hanging ropes. With the three ropes the aerialist can do static or swinging tricks. Since there are hardly any people doing this technique, all the work Saar does came from her own research and creativity in the ropes.
Currently she has tree different acts in the triple cloudswing;


When you perform you are someone else than in your normal life. But are you pretending or is it just another part of you? While performing she is elegant and charming, but sometimes she wants tot be something different.


Behind a big curtain there is a shadow play, but who is it behind there? This you will only find out halfway the act when the curtain falls.


When you work with two or tree ropes you often get stuck. Where do the ropes go and where do they take you? A dynamic act, with poems and music about being stuck, and finding the freedom again.

Vertical Dance

In vertical dance a person hangs in a safety harness attached to a rope. Standing against the wall they can dance, run or do summersaults and flicks. This can be done inside of outside and is very easy to adapt to different locations.